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Play it again, Sam

Play It Again, Sam first opened in 1987. It has been on same location in Kruunuhaka, Helsinki since it's first day. From Play It Again, Sam you will find a wide range of vintage clothing and accessories from 1890's to 1970's.

Opening hours:

Mon-fri 12 - 18
Sat 12 - 15
Sun closed

+358 9 628877
I feel such a failure! I've been shopping for over twenty years and I still don't have anything to wear!


The product range is very broad and covers the 1900s first half . The products are really old and unique, suitable for both everyday life and celebration. Skilled seamstresses make any adjustments necessary according to your wishes.

In the photo gallery below you'll find various decades of styles. You can find more pictures from our Facebook with precise measurements.


In the old festive costumes there are irresistible splendor reminiscent of old American films, movie stars and cars. Glamour for everyday life.

Rental prices

White tie & morning coat 150 €
Tuxedo 140 €
Suits 100 €
1920's dress 85 €
Other decades half the sale price


Rauhankatu 2
00170 Helsinki

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telephone +358 9 628877
e-mail e-mail: playitagainsamvintage (at)

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri 12 - 18
Sat 12 - 15